My business legal services include:

  1. 1.START-UPS

  2. a.    Advising whether business should be conducted through a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company or a corporation.

  3. b.    Preparing and filing all documents necessary for the formation of the business.

  4. c.    Assisting clients with issuance of shares or ownership interests.

  5. d.    Preparing and filing Statements of Information with the Secretary of State and Notices of Transaction with the Department of Corporations.

  6. e.    Counseling clients in the proper structure of debt and equity capital.

  7. f.    Obtaining Employer Identification Numbers.

  8. g.    Filing federal S-elections.


  10. a.    Assisting companies with the negotiation and drafting of written agreements between owners.

  11. b.    Drafting forms and other contracts for the day-to-day operations of clients’ businesses.

  12. c.    Drafting written consent actions or minutes of annual or special meetings of the board of directors.

  13. d.    Advising clients on operational issues.

  14. e.    Counseling clients on the buying, selling and merging of businesses

  15. f.    Assisting clients with the legal requirements involved in the expansion of their business to other states.


  17. d.    Multistate qualification, registration and licensing.

  18. e.    Preparing and filing all documents necessary for the dissolution of the business including the certificate of dissolution, plan of dissolution, Franchise Tax Board and Internal Revenue Service filings.

  19. f.    Assisting with the mergers of entities.

  20. g.    Assisting with conversions of from one type of entity to another.


  22. a.    For nonprofit entities, preparing and filing documents necessary to obtain tax exempt status with the Franchise Tax Board and Internal Revenue Service.

  23. b.    Registering nonprofit entities with the California Attorney General’s office.

  24. c.    Filing annual renewals with the California Attorney General’s office.

  25. d.    Registering nonprofit raffle programs and filing raffle reports.

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