I assist clients with the identification and protection of the names, logos, slogans and other trademarks used to distinguish their products and services in the marketplace.

My trademark services include:

  1. Reviewing all marketing materials, websites, product packaging and more to

    identify trademarks that are currently in use by the client

•  Advising clients on the proper use of registered and unregistered trademarks

•  Researching trademark conflicts

  1. Advising the client regarding the likelihood of attaining federal registration of a


  1. Prosecuting applications for state registration for the trademarks used only

    within the state or origin

  1. Prosecuting applications for federal registration for trademarks used in

    connection with sales across state lines or internationally

  1. Prosecuting or facilitating international registration for trademarks used in other    


•  Advising clients regarding intellectual property issues

•  Assisting clients with resolving trademark infringement issues

•  Challenging existing registered or pending federal trademarks

•  Facilitating the change of ownership or assignment of trademarks

  1. Registering federal trademarks with the United States Customs and Border


Please contact me to discuss your specific trademark issue.