I assist clients with many different kinds of contracts.  The project may consist of reviewing and redlining existing contracts, drafting entirely new contracts, or negotiating the underlying terms of the contract.

Examples of the types of contracts I have handled include:

•   Sale of business or business assets

•   Shareholder agreements

•   Buy-sell agreements

•   Stock option plans

•   Restricted stock agreements

•   Assignment of ownership

•   Co-ownership agreements

•   Franchise agreements

•   Finders fee agreements

•   Joint development agreements

•   Joint venture agreement

•   Sales representative agreements

•   Vendor agreements

•   Exclusive manufacturing agreement

•   Consulting agreements

•   Master service agreement

•   Distributor agreements

•   Click wrap agreements

•   End user agreements

•   Intellectual property license

•   Independent contractor agreements

•   Employment agreements

•   Settlement agreements

•   Release of liability

•   Nondisclosure agreements

  1.   Confidentiality agreements

Please contact me to discuss your specific contract issue.