What type of tax work do you do?

I assist companies with tax planning from the beginning stages of formation of the business to the eventual sale, merger or liquidation of the business.  I also provide tax research and assistance to individuals, businesses and other law firms dealing with a variety of tax matters.  Some examples of tax research subjects that I have handled are:

•Federal and multistate S-election issues

•Stock option plans

•Restricted stock agreements

•Shareholder agreements

•Shareholder v. nonshareholder treatment of individuals

         holding nonvested shares

•Transfers of stock in connection with services

•Election to be taxed on nonvested shares

•Nonqualified deferred compensation plans

•Innocent spouse issues

•Allocation of tax liability in the event of divorce

•Spousal support

What type of tax work do you not do?

I do not prepare tax returns or provide accounting services.  For these services, you may wish to contact a Certified Public Accountant. 

Please contact me to discuss your specific tax issue.